February 25, 2011

Dinosaur Week - Ferocious Friday

My daughter loves going to the doctor because she knows the receptionist is going to give her a sticker and a lollipop on the way out.  But what if instead of the usual treats, she received a Triceratops with every visit to the doctor?  A Velociraptor with every visit to the barber?  A Stegosaurus with every fast food meal?  That is exactly what happens in When Dinosaurs Came with Everything by Elise Broach.  When a young boy sets out with his mother on a day full of boring errands, he discovers that every place offers a free dinosaur with purchase and his boring day becomes a lot more exciting.  What a deal!  It's a dream come true for the boy, but not so much for his mother.  What on earth are they going to do with all of these massive dinosaurs?  Luckily the boy's mom finds a creative way to put the dinos to good use around the house.  Problem solved!

The watercolor and ink illustrations by David Small capture the excitement of a city filled larger-than-life dinosaurs.  Let your imagination soar as high as a pterosaur with this fantastic book, When Dinosaurs Came with Everything

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