March 17, 2011

A Rainbow Wish for St. Patty's Day


We love this book so much we've had it on loan from the library for 5 weeks.  My daughter just can't get enough of it!  Little Pip and the Rainbow Wish by Elizabeth Baguley is a charming tale of friendship that sparkles with the magic of rainbows on each page.  Pip is a shy little mouse who would love to play with two other mice, Spike and Milly, but is too timid to ask to join them in their games.  One day Pip sees a beautiful, shimmery rainbow and he thinks that if he could just catch the rainbow and give it to Milly and Spike they will want to be his friends.  Spike and Milly notice that Pip is feeling sad and is struggling to catch the rainbow, so they join in the chase and help him out.  Soon all three mice are working together to catch the elusive rainbow, and even though they never catch it, the three friends spend a playful, fun-filled day together.  Little Pip and the Rainbow Wish is an adorable book with a great message...friends will love you for who you are and the fun you have together, not for the things you can give them.  The shimmery rainbows and delightful illustrations of wispy dandelions, splashy rain puddles, bright green grass, and colorful spring flowers by Caroline Pedler make us so happy that spring is just around the corner! 

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